48 Reasons Why Use Adams, Evens, & Ross
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1. We understand your business. We have collected for over 1800 Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

2. We collect over 78% of the accounts that are placed with our firm.

3.  We have 100% success with over half of our clients.

4. We resolve most accounts within the first 30 days.

5. We have collected a 6 month past due account in the amount of $55,000 within 3 days after our clients attorney failed to collect after 3 months.

6. We are the Industries Credit Reporting Service and we work with over 14 state staffing associations and their members report to us who is paying slow.

7. We are the Nation's largest Credit and Collection Firm designed exclusively for the staffing Industry.

8.   No collection, No charge.

9.  More Express Personnel Franchise owners use Adams, Evens, & Ross than all the other guys combined.

10. We collected for more MRI Franchises than anyone else.

11.    We have a nationwide network of Attorneys.

12.  Face to Face collections with a nationwide network of private investigators.

13.  Our average client has been with Adams, Evens, & Ross for over 6 years.  This in an industry that has an average client life expectancy of 8 months.

14.  Over the last 15 years, we nor our clients have ever been sued because of our collection efforts.

15. Our average client has tried 4 other collections firms before they tried Adams, Evens, & Ross. 100% of our client surveyed said that would never use anyone other than Adams, Evens, & Ross.

16. 20% of our clients use our "Save our client collections". We have collected millions of dollars for our clients and managed to rehabilitate the customer for our client at last count $57,000.000.00 in salvaged future business for our clients.

17.  Adams, Evens, & Ross is the only Collection Company that is built into Coats Staffing Software or any Staffing Software for that matter.

18.  Adams, Evens, & Ross handles more 6 Figure employment collections than any other one Collection Firm.

19. Adams, Evens, & Ross is the only Collection Firm that offers our clients Free monthly Teleclasses to help reduce the need for the collections.

20. Adams, Evens, & Ross' President has been hired by more law firms as an expert witness for Staffing and Recruitment Debt than any other person in the collection industry. By the way, the law firms that have hired Wilson have a 100% winning streak.

21.  Adams, Evens, & Ross is the only company that offers Credit Alert! This is the Industry's bible when it comes to who has not paid employment debt

22.  Wilson Cole, Adams, Evens, & Ross' President is the only person that has been Featured on the Cover of Staffing And Recruitment Magazine, Written a regular article in Staff Digest and has been the expert source 3 times for SI Review.

23.  Adams, Evens, & Ross has taught more classes at State Staffing Associations than any other vendor in the Staffing Industry. We have taught Credit and Collection Classes for CSP, First Interview, CSA, ASA, OSSA, LSA, IPA, ICTS, Temp Net, GAPS, NAPS and many others.

24. Adams, Evens, & Ross has been endorsed by more private Staffing and Recruiting Associations than all the other companies combined, such as IPA, First Interview and ICTS.

25.  Adams, Evens, & Ross' Nationwide Network of Attorney's have sued and collected more employment debt than any other group of attorneys nationwide.

Adams, Evens, & Ross is the first National Company to offer a Business Credit Report Exclusively for the employment Industry.

27.  We add more New Staffing and Recruitment Clients in 1 year than our closest competitor has in total Staffing and Recruitment Clients. This is even more amazing when you realize Adams Evens & Ross does not have a sales force. No telemarketing people and if you have ever talked to anyone at Adams, Evens, & Ross their Primary Job is not Sales related. They are from our Legal Department, Client Services, Accounting or Collections.

  Adams, Evens, & Ross has collected for more ASA Presidents than any other Collection Company.

29. We have collected on more second placement staffing debt than any other company. Second placements are accounts that other collections firms tried to collect on before it was sent to Adams, Evens, & Ross.

30. Adams, Evens, & Ross along with the FBI brought down one of the nations largest payroll scams that cost dozens of staffing firms millions of dollars in the Denver area.

   We have collected in less than 24 hours a $250,000 Staffing debt that was over 11 months past due.

32.  We have doubled the settlement offers for our clients after their attorneys have told them they had their best offer and not a penny more could be collected.

  Our average client has referred two additional companies to Adams, Evens, & Ross.

We are Bonded and Insured.

We pay our clients twice a month.

Adams, Evens, & Ross has collected for more Payroll Companies than any other collection company.

Adams, Evens, & Ross has never been reported to the BBB by Client or DEBTOR.

38. Adams, Evens, & Ross has grown on Average 25% per year for the last 10 years because Clients continue to use our services and refer their friends in the Employment Industry.

39. Adams, Evens, & Ross collects more Temp Napping and Back Door Hires in one month than average collection company collects in a year.

40. Adams, Evens, & Ross has been used by more Independent Staffing and Recruiting firms than any other collection firm in the entire history of the Staffing Industry.

41.   Adams, Evens, & Ross will collect more of your money faster than any other company or we will pay the collection fee to another collection company if they can collect what we could not.

Adams, Evens, & Ross has more testimonials from the Staffing and Recruitment Firm than all other competitors combined.

43.  Every 35 minutes a Staffing Firm or Recruiter places a past due collection with Adams, Evens, & Ross.

44. Every 4 hours on average another Staffing Firm or Recruiter calls Adams, Evens, & Ross for the first time to discuss a possible collection problem.

Every 20 minutes on average a Staffing firm request a Credit Screen Business Credit Report from Adams, Evens, & Ross.

Every 2 minutes a Debtor is contacted by Adams, Evens, & Ross in reference to a Staffing or Recruiting Debt.

Every month hundreds of debtors make a payment to Adams, Evens, & Ross for a Staffing or Recruiting Debt.

Our reputation is on the line every time we collect a debt.

Let us (Adams, Evens, & Ross) show you how we can help you solve your collection problem.

We are successful even where others fail. Call now. 866-567-6324 Ext 6578

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